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This is what the Paznaun Valley Tastes like

Die Tiroler Küche lässt sich ganz leicht beschreiben: Herzhaft ist sie, einfach und doch raffiniert, bodenständig – und vor allem köstlich.
The Tyrolean cuisine can be described quite easily: it’s savoury and hearty, simple yet sophisticated, traditional- and, of course, absolutely delicious.

You need some examples? Home-made Spätzle with alpine cheese from the Paznaun valley, fresh Tyrolean farmers’ bread with butter and thinly sliced bacon, or cakes sweetened with local honey.
Of course, it hase some very fine aspects, too – and we show them to you every evening at dinner. No matter if you rather go for traditional meals or if you prefer sophisticated dishes: it all tastes so much better with local ingredients. And that is why in terms of food, we follow one motto: the closer, the better.

In the Huber Hotels, we follow culinary Tyrolean traditions and serve meals cooked with high-quality local produce, seasonal and chosen with great care – and if possible, they are produce from our very own farm. Additionally, we spoil you with Tyrolean specialilties at our weekly farmers’ buffets, some of which are produced at our own farm.